From the College Captain

Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world

Oprah Winfrey

At the heart of every Bennies girl lies a spark that no obstacle or fear is powerful enough to dim; a passion that motivates her to come alive, an experience that inspires her to do more and be more, a hope that evokes a desire to make an impact into the lives of those beside her.

Inspired by the immeasurable courage, fervent drive and empathy lived out by the students and staff at Mount St Benedict College, I have grown to understand that the light that radiates within us is not constructed, yet brought to life in the moments of overcoming our greatest challenges and ignited through moving experiences, which help us acknowledge the power of our actions and words on others.

A Bennies girl is inspired in these moments to utilise her spark; her talents, aspirations, strengths and passions to, as Oprah Winfrey cleverly phrased, “illuminate the world”.

In 2019, united together in the Benedictine mission of PAX, each Bennies girl is blessed with the opportunity to seek peace and pursue it through spreading light into the lives of others through acts of justice and compassion.

Individually our actions can instil a lasting legacy, touching one heart at a time.

United, we have the ability to illuminatepeace into the wider community through social justice and ultimately, radiate our Bennies spirit of generosity and kindness toward all.

Embarking on this final year at the College, I am forever grateful to belong to a community which instils confidence, compassion and determination into every student and know that I will dearly miss the everyday heroes that shaped my experience into such a vibrant one.

As each student illuminates her spark through sprinting, leaping, advocating, inspiring, leading, dreaming, calculating, achieving and volunteering, I will never forget the developing generation of influential young women transforming the future in which we will always be a part of.

I am proud to be a Bennies girl.

Antonia Saul

College Captain